Phone Free Friday Summer Challenge

This summer, let’s take back our time.

Calling all Gen-Zers: Join the Phone Free Friday Summer Challenge from 📆 Friday, June 14 to August 15 and commit to going phone-free every Friday or at least one day every week.
Even better, get at least 👥 3 other friends to join you!

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The challenge is simple:



below to commit to the challenge.


an email from us every #PhoneFreeFriday to check on your progress, as well as get resources and helpful tips.


the challenge to 3 friends!


– this can include your photos, videos, and stories and tell us what you did on your phone-free days and what new discoveries you made. We can’t wait to hear more.

Sign up for the challenge below and we’ll send you an email with some tips to getting started. All we ask is that you share back with us about your experiences going phone free.

We have partnered with the following youth-led organizations to support the Phone Free Friday Challenge.

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